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Saturday, September 10, 2011

SEO Is A First Choice For Making Online Presence Of Businesses’ Website For Quality Traffic

Website is become an essential marketing tool for promotion, sales and other business announcements. Creating stunning company website is very easy but very difficult to make it online presence for quality web traffic from search engines. Using advanced technology, these days, website bridges between customers and companies. Looking into company’s business growth and getting direct traffic from search engine, it is needed to hire a website optimizer for making search engine friendly website.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In simply, SEO is the science of customizing entire elements of your website to achieve the possible search engine ranking. It is also defines as to make for search engine friendly website to reach a higher position in search results. Using search engine guidelines, tweak the elements of your site that easily recognizable for robots and bots. Some of the criteria by which a search engine crawler determine high ranking on organic listing are:-
• Keywords
• Title tags
• Site content formatting
• Anchor text
• Site popularity
• Topical link
• Site language
• Content
• Site Maturity
Other than above, several hundred of other criteria that could also be examined before your site is ranked by search engine. By nature, many of the elements are likely to have some impact on your site ranking even when you do nothing to improve them. For some search engine, links are more important than site maturity and for other, links have little importance. Changing ranking algorithm is to make difficult for optimizers to execute the preplanned seo strategies.
Getting regular web traffic for improving conversion for business, they have to compel to hire a dedicated optimizer and marketers for promoting their sites. Still primary source of web traffic is search engines and it is necessary to monitor the ranking and site traffic regularly for asses the seo effectiveness. SEO is an ongoing process and have to monitor and change the strategies time to time as per the changes of ranking algorithm.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

How To Write A Simple Link Exchange Email For Link Sharing Campaign

In SEO, link building is an important activity to increase the link popularity for getting high ranking on SERP and also boost website’s online presence for quality traffic. There are many methods to start a link building campaign but still Link exchange with same theme based websites is more popular among webmasters and search engine optimizers. Generally, prefer emails to prospective link partners for exchanging links. Format of link exchanging email as :-


Subject : Request for Exchanging link with your site-(Site name)


1. Recently I visited your site, I believe it would be equally beneficial to exchange links. My website, (site name) provides (write your website services and product for sale).

2. Link sharing will save you time and effort and you will reap the rewards over time. This act not only help to get more traffic to our sites but also get a boost in search engine rankings. A link to your site has already been placed on our site at (URL of the page). It would be appreciated with you would reciprocate with a link back to our site as well.

My site link details are given below:-


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If you are interested, send email to (your email id here) and mention:-

(a) URL of your site

(b) Link details of your site with short description

Please let me know if you have any further queries.

Thanking you

Best regards,

[Your name]

[Your website URL, email id, phone No etc]

You can use the above template for your emails to your link partners for sharing links.