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Basic Guidelines Of Website Optimization To Achieve High Ranking On Primary Search Engines

Now a day’s setting up an online small business is very easy but difficult to get quality traffic from primary search engines for sell the product or avail the services. Your website has been designed as much as attractive for viewers that never invite direct traffic from search engines. It is very important that while designing, entire web elements and internal links are as optimized as possible. Always design a user friendly website to achieve organic seo. It takes time but helps to reach higher search engine rankings without any payment. Looking to get quality direct traffic from search engines, need to optimize entire elements of your website. Google, Bing and Yahoo is primary search engines. An optimization basic are same for all the search engines but differs in what it is looking for. Each search engine is based on its own algorithms for ranking. To optimize your website to these search engines must incorporate all the basic tips of search engine optimization. Submission of xml sitemap on webmaster central on each search engines helps to crawl the entire site and get indexed instantly. Important web elements to optimize are:

(a) Keywords
(b) Meta Tags
(c) Links
(d) Content
(e) Images
(f) Page titles
(g) Headers

Optimization Tips for Google

Google’s ranking algorithm is different from yahoo and Bing. An element of that algorithm is page rank (PR). All hyper links to a page counts as a vote of support. A page that is linked to by many pages with high PR receives a higher rank itself. If no links to a webpage means there is no support for that page. Set of free tools available in google webmaster central that allows analyzing and helps to make your site Google friendly. Some of the Google’s free tools are:
(a) Webmaster tools
(b) Webmaster blog
(c) Page Rank tool
(d) Webmaster help centre
(e) Webmaster discussion groups
(f) Google Analytics

Link popularity and keywords are important for Google ranking criteria that can use in ranking the relevancy of web pages. Google checks keywords with relevant content and links to your web pages while crawling for indexing and ranking.

Optimization techniques for Bing search

Bing search is powered by Microsoft. The basic optimization techniques are same as for Google. Bing doesn’t allow paid ranking, so organic efforts will be the important factor for ranking. Bing puts more emphasis on the freshness of content than other search engines. Specifically, sites that update high quality relevant content on a regular basis have a better chance of high ranking on MSN. Bing also checks meta description tags and title tags on your pages. So it is essential to pay close attention to create useful and related Meta tags you can. Include keywords and quality content as near the top of each of your web pages as possible. Bing Webmaster tools helps to improve your website’s SEO ranking. Some of the free tools from Bing are:-

(a) Bing webmaster Central
(b) Bing webmaster tools
(c) Webmaster Center Help
(d) Webmaster Center blog
(e) Bing Community Forums

Website Optimization for Yahoo Search!

Yahoo is more focused on keyword density and keywords in the URL and title tags. Rank on Yahoo is depending on competition. So you will need to focus carefully on the selection of the keyword. Crawler of yahoo search is SLURP and it will rank web pages based on keyword density. Back link is also required for rank on yahoo but yahoo’s link-ranking system is not as accurate as Google’s. Yahoo also has a paid inclusion program which ensures the high ranking on SERP. Keyword density according to yahoo is:-

(a) Title tag - 15% to 20 % Include keywords in title content.
(b) Body text – 3%. Keywords should be formatted to BOLD sometimes boosts the page ranking.
(c) Meta tags - 3 %. Include keywords in the Meta tags but not use repeatedly which consider as a spam. Write description tag as a readable sentence.
Some of the yahoo tools for optimize your website for yahoo search as follows:-
•Yahoo Webmaster Help
• Yahoo Site explorer
• Yahoo search blog
• Yahoo General discussion group

When you are optimizing your website for different search engines, it is fine to follow the similar basic optimization techniques of above three major search engines. Always keep in mind that design and launch website for customers and visitors and not for search engines. User friendly website always gets good number of traffic and also high ranked on SERP of primary search engines.

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