Friday, September 2, 2011

Best Practices For Keyword Placement : On page SEO

Onpage optimization is a primary task for optimizers to edit/update the web page to make website search engine friendly. Due to online business competition, finding right keywords for website is a very tough task for search engine optimizers. After finding a handful of keywords, another issue is to place keywords in various elements of website for achieve high ranking on primary search engines. In on page optimizations, for making highly visible and successful website, ensure to include keywords on following places:-

(a) Title. Use starting with first or second word in the title.

     Title   tag  -  “Unique SEO services – Provides  Freelance SEO services

(b) Headings. Use a style sheet(CSS file) to control the size of heading text to make it blend in better.

   H1 : Page topic   as    “Freelance SEO services”   

H2 : Main Topic as “Onpage SEO services”

   H3 : Sub Topic  as  “Off page SEO services” 

H4 : Sub Topic “Search Engine submission services”

(c) First paragraph of page. Include keywords in content also format the keywords as mentioned below:-

(i) bold seo services” as keyword

(ii) italic freelance seo

(iii) Strong - Strongly emphasized - use strong tag

 (iv)   em        -  Emphasis     Use em tag

(d) Link (anchor ) text. A clickable portion of text displayed for a link. Using of proper anchor text helps to achieve a much higher search engine ranking. Use your keyword as an anchor text.

(e) Last paragraph of page: Include keyword in last paragraph of the body.

(f) Drop-down boxes: Include Keywords in options

(g) URLs: Keyword in URLs

(h) Folder and file names: keywords/keywords.html. keep keyword also an image name (social media.gif)

(j) Image ALT text : img src=” “ alt=”keywords” alt=”social media”

(k) Link Title attribute text : a href=”” title=”keywords”> ( displays in IE only)

(l) Meta Tags. Include keywords in keyword and description tag of your web site.

meta name="Description" content=”include keywords here"

meta name="Keywords" content="only add important 5 keywords”

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