Monday, April 4, 2011

Promote Your Optimized Website On Social Media Networks For Lead Generation

Online businesses are flourishing globally with competitive prices but one to all struggling to get a quality lead for sales conversion for survival. It is important that the website should be search engine friendly for getting direct traffic from search engine. Still search engine is the primary source of web traffic on your site. To improve the traffic generation, website should be optimized for search engines and also carry out online web promotion activities such as affiliate marketing, email campaign, PPC and social media marketing. SEO and web promotion are the key factors to achieve business goal. Some of the important website conversion strategies are user friendly well structured web designing, quality content, easy to follow internal web navigation and include trust worthy business information on web pages.

Social media networks are now a days become a business tool for online marketers to promote their business, website and products. Lead generation on social media is a fast and easy way to reach among large number of audiences for build potential customers to sale conversion. It is true that social media marketing is very cost effective and successful marketing method for running successful online business.

SEO is not any easy way to make the website search visible that land in a search engine result page instantly. Achieving organic SEO can take time but effective method for reaching a higher search engine ranking. Analysis the website performance time to time and evaluate the conversion enhancement strategies for better result. Well structured search engine friendly website always generates sales from the web traffic on your site.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Top 10 SEO Factors For Designing Search Engine Friendly Website

SEO is all about to create a website that discoverable by search engines and search directories. It is a collection of strategies that improves the search engines ranking. A good first step in SEO is to optimize entire elements of your website as much as possible. And also keep in mind that the site always design user friendly too. SEO efforts should focus on developing and promoting a website that lifts the business to new heights of growth. Organic Search Rankings are determined by a top 10 on-page optimization factors which mentioned below:-

1. User friendly web design and development.

(a) Website layout should be accomplished using CSS and no tables/frames.

(b) Write Clean Code. JavaScript and CSS codes should be called from external files. Include spider friendly navigation

(c) Create Lots of pages. It is better to have 20 pages than long 5 pages on your site. Each page should be minimum 250 words and discuss only one topic.

(d) Sitemaps – A sitemap containing text links should provide access to all the important sections and pages of the website.

(e) Robots.txt files – The robots.txt file is used by the search engines to determine which parts of a website to visit and which to avoid.

(f) URLs – URLs should be search engine friendly meaning they contain keywords descriptive of the pages they belong to.

(g) Size – The size of a website can impact its ranking when the content supports the website theme.

2. Select the best keyword. Use available online keyword research tool for finding suitable keywords for your site.

(a) Include keywords in the title tag of each page. This tag should not contain any special characters. This is must. Maximum 65 characters.

(b) Include keywords in the h1 and h2 headings.

(c) Include keywords in the first paragraph of each page

(d) Include keywords in the text links. Never use “click here”.

3. Meta Tags. Meta tags effectively communicate the topic and subject matter what the page is about.

(a) Meta Description The Meta description should contain the relevant keyword phrase and be no longer than 145-160 characters.

(b) Meta keywords. The keyword tag should contain about 5 relevant keyword phrases.

4. Image optimization Images – Images should be named and have alt text in alignment with the relevant keyword phrase.

5. Internal link building – Cross link between pages, links from each page to home page and link to each page from sitemap typically gain importance in the eyes of the search engines’ spiders/bots. Use keyword rich anchor text in these links.

6. Include Quality Content. Content should be unique, relevant, quality and updated frequently.

7. Setup and maintain a link exchange Campaign. Create a “Related Links” page for exchange links and also prepare “Link to Us” code for link partners.

8. Create SEO friendly 301 redirect. 301 redirect is the most efficient and SEO friendly method for webpage redirection

9. Manual submissions. Submit to search engines and directories but not over-submit.

10. Create and activate Google webmaster and analytics for tracking the performance of the website.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Practices For Creating Unique Titles

In on-page SEO, title is a very important web element to optimize in a proper way for search engine’s better ranking. The site title tag is still read and indexed by all the major engines and it appears at the top of each organic search entry in the search engine results pages. Title should be designed to attract clicks from those who find you in a search. Search Engine bots/spiders use these title tag as the main source for determining the web page topic. Correct use of keywords in the title of every page of website is extremely important for ranking on search engines. The page title is displayed in the title bar of browser window. Also the text in the title tag is appeared in search engine result page(SERP) as the linked title on which user will click to access the website.

The title should not be consists of much more than about 9 words or 60 characters with targeted keywords used at the beginning of the title. Google, a primary search engine is looking for relevant keywords in the title. While spiders crawl website, it reads title first, then after examines other web elements of your site. It checks the keywords in entire page elements with title to determine the keyword relevancy. Some of the best practices for creating title for influencing search engine for high ranking are as follows:-

(a) Each page should have a unique title

(b) Include primary keyword phrase in every title of every page

(c) Begin the title with primary keyword phrase followed by secondary keywords.

(d) Don’t repeat keywords more than 2-3 times in the title.

(e) Make sure the title tag is the first element in the head section of your webpage

(f) Write title as descriptive as possible.

Always keep in mind while optimizing your website, create unique keyword enriched title tag which helps to develop your site as a brand and also it provides the first impression of the website.

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