Saturday, March 19, 2011

Basic Guidelines Of Website Optimization To Achieve High Ranking On Primary Search Engines

Now a day’s setting up an online small business is very easy but difficult to get quality traffic from primary search engines for sell the product or avail the services. Your website has been designed as much as attractive for viewers that never invite direct traffic from search engines. It is very important that while designing, entire web elements and internal links are as optimized as possible. Always design a user friendly website to achieve organic seo. It takes time but helps to reach higher search engine rankings without any payment. Looking to get quality direct traffic from search engines, need to optimize entire elements of your website. Google, Bing and Yahoo is primary search engines. An optimization basic are same for all the search engines but differs in what it is looking for. Each search engine is based on its own algorithms for ranking. To optimize your website to these search engines must incorporate all the basic tips of search engine optimization. Submission of xml sitemap on webmaster central on each search engines helps to crawl the entire site and get indexed instantly. Important web elements to optimize are:

(a) Keywords
(b) Meta Tags
(c) Links
(d) Content
(e) Images
(f) Page titles
(g) Headers

Optimization Tips for Google

Google’s ranking algorithm is different from yahoo and Bing. An element of that algorithm is page rank (PR). All hyper links to a page counts as a vote of support. A page that is linked to by many pages with high PR receives a higher rank itself. If no links to a webpage means there is no support for that page. Set of free tools available in google webmaster central that allows analyzing and helps to make your site Google friendly. Some of the Google’s free tools are:
(a) Webmaster tools
(b) Webmaster blog
(c) Page Rank tool
(d) Webmaster help centre
(e) Webmaster discussion groups
(f) Google Analytics

Link popularity and keywords are important for Google ranking criteria that can use in ranking the relevancy of web pages. Google checks keywords with relevant content and links to your web pages while crawling for indexing and ranking.

Optimization techniques for Bing search

Bing search is powered by Microsoft. The basic optimization techniques are same as for Google. Bing doesn’t allow paid ranking, so organic efforts will be the important factor for ranking. Bing puts more emphasis on the freshness of content than other search engines. Specifically, sites that update high quality relevant content on a regular basis have a better chance of high ranking on MSN. Bing also checks meta description tags and title tags on your pages. So it is essential to pay close attention to create useful and related Meta tags you can. Include keywords and quality content as near the top of each of your web pages as possible. Bing Webmaster tools helps to improve your website’s SEO ranking. Some of the free tools from Bing are:-

(a) Bing webmaster Central
(b) Bing webmaster tools
(c) Webmaster Center Help
(d) Webmaster Center blog
(e) Bing Community Forums

Website Optimization for Yahoo Search!

Yahoo is more focused on keyword density and keywords in the URL and title tags. Rank on Yahoo is depending on competition. So you will need to focus carefully on the selection of the keyword. Crawler of yahoo search is SLURP and it will rank web pages based on keyword density. Back link is also required for rank on yahoo but yahoo’s link-ranking system is not as accurate as Google’s. Yahoo also has a paid inclusion program which ensures the high ranking on SERP. Keyword density according to yahoo is:-

(a) Title tag - 15% to 20 % Include keywords in title content.
(b) Body text – 3%. Keywords should be formatted to BOLD sometimes boosts the page ranking.
(c) Meta tags - 3 %. Include keywords in the Meta tags but not use repeatedly which consider as a spam. Write description tag as a readable sentence.
Some of the yahoo tools for optimize your website for yahoo search as follows:-
•Yahoo Webmaster Help
• Yahoo Site explorer
• Yahoo search blog
• Yahoo General discussion group

When you are optimizing your website for different search engines, it is fine to follow the similar basic optimization techniques of above three major search engines. Always keep in mind that design and launch website for customers and visitors and not for search engines. User friendly website always gets good number of traffic and also high ranked on SERP of primary search engines.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well defined Keyword Research for Better Search Engine Visibility

A keyword phrase is a search term that users use to explore in the prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Right selection of these terms lead to the success of your website visibility on internet, IM campaign and a wrong perception certainly proceeds to the campaign debacle.

Whenever internet marketing experts think about the website marketing for creating improved visibility for the online businesses, no tool acts as prominently as keyword research does. Intensity of this kind of keyword based research plays a important role in the overall success of the internet based endeavors. Before going deep in the research methodologies, let’s get a face to face with the term.

A keyword phrase is a search term that users use to explore in the prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Right selection of these terms lead to the success of your IM campaign and a wrong perception certainly proceeds to the campaign debacle. Below illustrated are the important steps taken during the keyword research process by the internet marketing companies and experts.

Identifying the keyword phrases is the first step during the research process that decides the use of primary search terms that relates to the products and services and the potential audience as well. It’s however recommended for the internet marketers to go with numerous relevant key terms at once. You can go through a number of resources in order to get the right taste of key terms that are specific to your business module. You may analyze the competitor’s site or ask some of your friends about their search experience.

Next step is defined as the analysis of these key phrases. The process involves a comprehensive analysis of the competitive search terms. The analysis process offers an idea about the number of indexed pages on targeted keywords and those pages that are in the top rank in various search rankings. Considering the throughout competition makes a clear path for the analysis of the phrases.
The next process allows marketers to prepare a comprehensive list of the related and relevant keywords. The strategy of listing keywords is pretty straight forward that allows experts to choose perfect combination of words and phrases to attract customers to business website. You must think about some research-oriented, broad and targeted terms that are widely used and searched by the users. Brainstorming could be the good method of creating the exhaustive list of keywords and key phrases.

Finally, if you are ready with the keyword research and analysis process, it’s time to plan the final attack. Internet marketing experts recommend three or four relevant key terms placed on per page basis to avoid key phrase stuffing and search engine spamming. You should ensure that adding keywords in the content page must not break the flow of the content and its context. The entire research should be focused towards creating a niche of key phrases for promoting the businesses in the online market place.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Geo-Specific Local Search Optimization for Highest Business Visibility

The location specific search is meant to rationalize the trend of local searching or location based searching among the potential users. The players involved in these sorts of optimization services put a sound wrap on the optimization strategies to drive quality visitor traffic on the website.

As the name specifies, local search optimization is a prominent component of search engine optimization process that acts as a primary tool to attract local visitor traffic to the websites. This location specific search is meant to rationalize the trend of location based searching among the potential users. The process diversifies the business locations in several segments like country, state, region, zip code and other important demographic criterions. The geographic based keyword research for the optimization however plays the significant role in the process.

During the site optimization process, websites are designed and developed to serve as entry points for customers in the geo based searching of local businesses and services. The players involved in these sorts of optimization services put a sound wrap on the optimization strategies to drive quality visitor traffic on the website. The strategies also help online local businesses to avail higher PageRanks in Geo-specific search engines.

The service providers in local search optimization segment help customers to conceive and design a well formulated search optimization campaign in order to generate desired results and visibility for the business websites. The optimization of websites for geo-specific search engines is done by various methods including:

• Press Release Submission in Local Directories

• Local Community search

• Company listings in local web directories

• Exploring the local city search

• Local Mobile Search

• Search engines submission(Local)

Classifieds Submission

• Geographic preference settings in Google's Webmaster Tools

The experts in the local search optimization process carry out comprehensive analysis of website performance with in-depth study of inbound links and search engine rankings of the websites. The trail also analyzes the current local presence of websites in the geo-specific search engines and implements a preliminary ranking report based on the gathered data.

If visualizes from the SEO prospective, the user oriented contents creates a unique alternative for manage and monitor the core business data and local listings available on the websites. In the local search optimization process, various other factors do well to create best ever local search engine prominence and rankings. These factors include Meta tags, headers, footers and internal linking of the website pages and other links. Designing and development of well structured PPC ads can also be very catchy and helpful for the local business listings.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SEO Tips for Optimize and Bring quality traffic within 07 days

Web promotion is the long term process to promote a website to bring a large number of visitors to the website. Generally website is used for business promotion, product sale, online services etc. It is a business strategy to develop own site and market it to reach out large number of audiences to visit site and convert these visitors to buy the product or avail the services. Now a days so many methods to promote the website such as search engine optimization, Social media Marketing, Local search Optimization and online marketing to increase the traffic to a site from search engine and other social media networks. All these marketing efforts for reaching target audience. Search engine optimization only influence organic search result of search engines. Activities of SEO are alteration on website, using design elements and web content. Main SEO strategies are on-page and off page optimization methods to improve search engine ranking.
To Make successful SEO on website requires proficiency in the areas of research and planning, analysis, creating dynamic quality content and Basic concept of HTML. On page activities are important in SEO to optimize entire elements of the website. The activities of on page optimization are:-
(a) Keyword research :- Keyword selection is therefore crucial and has implications for so much else within search. Keyword is one of the most important elements of any website. It must match the words and phrases that potential visitors will use when searching for the website. To ensure that keywords are effective and also need to spend some time to learn and test which keywords work best for the website.

(b) Meta Tags. First writing the title, description and keyword Meta tags. The site title tag is the most important Meta tag. The site title Meta tag is still read and indexed by all the major engines. The site description should tell the engine about the theme of the web site. It is recommended that this is done in not more than 200 characters including spaces.

(c) Prepare dynamic quality content - Content is believed to be increasingly important by many in the SEO field. Fresh content with target keywords of the site attract spiders to crawl the site and also helps to good position on SERP.

(d) Image optimization (Alt tag). Search engines can read the alt tags that accompany images. Every relevant image should have an alt tag and this tag should be written to comply with your keyword objectives.

(e) Create internal links. Inbound links are important for two reasons. Firstly, their content is highlighted with a hyperlink and this is given special emphasis by the search engines and secondly it is a way of ensuring the engines can navigate and deep crawl into a site.

(f) Include keywords in title, Header tags, Meta tags and content of the web pages.

(g) Submit website URL to primary search engines for indexing the site.

(h) Creation and submission of sitemap and robot.txt on google, yahoo and Bing.

(j) Profile creation and activation of Webmaster tools of Google, Yahoo and Bing and web Analytics.

Off page optimization. Activities of Off page optimization improve website’s search result ranking. Some of the off page techniques are directory Submission, Link Building, Article writing and Submission, Press release, Social Book Marking, Social media Networking etc. These techniques and optimization methods target large number of audiences which bring quality traffic to your website. Press release, blogging, forum post and Article submission helps to get a back links to your website which increase the link popularity of the website as well.

Smart SEO can build seo-friendly website for high ranking on SERP. Realize that SEO is not a simple undertaking. It is a complex, time consuming strategy for making your business successful. Successful SEO requires skill, patience, time, experience , proficiency in HTML, current information and an understanding of social media marketing techniques.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Local Search Optimization | Local Search | Local Listing

Local Search Optimization | Local Search | Local Listing: "Our Geo-targeting services invite specific traffic for your website, based on the geographical location of your business"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Prepare Well Focused Goal Oriented SEO Plan for Website Optimization

Once you set goals in mind for your website, it is a time to create a SEO plan. It is a document that you will use to stay on track as you try to implement seo strategies on your site. First you prioritize pages and then plan SEO around each page's priority. Top priority pages should be the ones that your visitors will most naturally gravitate to, such as your home page, or pages that will generate the most in terms of traffic or revenue. When prioritizing pages, you are also creating a road map for your marketing efforts. If two of the pages on your site are your top priority, those two will have the lion's share of time, capital, and effort when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and search engine marketing.
After you have prioritized your site, you should assess where you stand and where you need to be with your current SEO efforts. Again, assess each page individually, rather than the site as a whole. In SEO, individual pages are equally important than the entire site. All of your efforts are designed to rank one page above all others in search results. Which page is the most important should be determined by your business needs.
Your SEO assessment should be a document that outlines the current standing of the main SEO elements of each page. It should contain columns for the element of the site you are assessing, the current status of that element, what needs to be improved in that element, and the deadline for improvement.
The elements that should be considered during an assessment include:
(a) Site/page tagging: The meta tags that are included in the coding of your web site are essential to having that site listed properly in a search engine. Tags to which you should pay specific attention are the title tags and description tags, because these are the most important to a search engine.
(b) Page content: Content is still important when it comes to search results. After all, most people are looking for a specific piece of content, whether it is information or a product.
(c) Site links: Site links are essential in Search Engine Optimization. Crawlers and spiders look for the links into and out of your site in order to traverse your site and collect data on each URL. However, they also look for those links to be in-context, meaning the link must come from or lead to a site that is relevant to the page that is being indexed.
(d) Site map: Believe it or not, a site map will help your web site be more accurately linked. But this is not the ordinary site map that you include to help users quickly navigate through your site. This site map is an XML-based document, at the root of your HTML that contains information (URL, last updated, relevance to surrounding pages, and so on) about each of the pages within a site. Using this XML site map will help to ensure that even the deep pages within your site are indexed by search engines.
An SEO plan is very similar. You will have your current standings, the goals that you plan to hit, and the marketing efforts that you plan to make for each page. In optimization plan, it should be make sure to include a time line for the testing and implementation of those efforts as well as for regular follow-ups. Follow-up is also an essential part of your SEO plan. It is true that these activities take lot of time and effort to create and implement the right seo plan.

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